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His results were in part favorable, but in part only.
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had occurred five days before the doctor saw him. Had
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excellent public servant, with his own dying words :
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Haller, and others. Then, too, the Latin tongue was
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consequent immunity forms the recognized and beneficent rule ; but
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"The Insurance Bill a great injustice to medical men of
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thin elongated types have been met with. The number of cilia varies. The
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notified on June 13, 15 and 21 respectively. The child (No. 2) notified
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it selects as its favorite habitation the fresh-water fens
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intervention. In removing the uterus I was particularly struck with
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the uric acid excretion, the patient being on a fixed diet.
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introduced in or with the vaccine. Tetanus especially may be expected
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of small size, which are unattached, it will offer a valuable resource for
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region, and the structures which are situated within it.
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head in particular is affected with pain, throbbing and vertigo — which
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work enough to support it. Particularly are nervous disease of the age, for others it
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has never had occasion to resort to such means, as he
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thinks it probable that in pyloric dilation the primary
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years, he suffered from a gleet which continued two years, and
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Lupus hypertrophicus also shows a tendency to subside at its
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St. Peteisb., 1885, x, 555; 571; .587.— Tiickermnn (F.)
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tatory. It is used as a substitute for soap, and is
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the general condition of the patient was bad. She suffered considerably
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small doses of quinine, but, in contrast with the frequency of
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thing of importance to the science of medicine ; but unless he secures it
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Reproduced by Drukkerij Erasmus, Ledeberg, Belgium, Copyright 1976, Philadelphia Museum of Art.
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sioned by the abuse of this potent, but valuable medicine.
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jackets in Pott's disease. Treatment of deformities has become
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marked; the dog is constantly in motion; he is apt to tear carpets, rugs,
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collis from cold. Tension and spasm of the masticatory muscles — trismus
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ments for all but two specialties will be lower than in
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her lips. She was disabled before her confinement, so as
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The condition appears to be one of simple aneurismal dilata-
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ness of the epidemic was not such as to alarm the resi-
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tea, from the constant repetition, being now loathed
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representatives are: Ms. Doris Pagano and Mr. Howard Steward, Nursing Depart-
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should be afforded to the innocent against it? Syphilis
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is thus convertible into bread for himself and his family. He therefore be-
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is to show a decrease for at least several days in a number of organisms
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According to my opinion the former word corresponds

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