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able doubt was felt as to the diagnosis because of the ex
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the case is decided by the screening panel it may still end
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from the cervical canal a brownish black discharge small in quan
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the worst days of lithotomy and contrasts unfavorably
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skin acute dyspepsia acute or chronic inflammation of liver
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bovine is capable of inoculation by some human bacilli but
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asphyxia in the other asphyxia is less mortal because synoope
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A short paper devoted to the placenta is introduced with a
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Laceration Takes Place. A. Lapthorn Smith of Montreal Canada
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the physician will rarely be disappointed. The differ
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the air will rush in and the pump will suck besides owing to
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The term myringitis is applied to inflammation of the membrana and tym
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artificial arm contained a socket into which various
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II in a seiMirate layer three quarters of an inch thick upon
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make an effort to break up the clot by kneading the part
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if it is located in the posterior portion of the nostril the
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come without giving it medicines or injections. If a child has been
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of chronic headache depending upon an enfeebled circula
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in the direction of sedation. To this fact was due the mus
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upon the heart. In a plethoric animal with a strong bounding pulse
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of the night drag on the condition somewhat improves only when the
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during the past year. In most cases it acts promptly and efficient
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Mr. Walker had performed the operation with very satisfactory results.
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The most essential and important symptom consists in a
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course and terminated in death on Sunday the th of March.
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less constant and more diversified and of these one sometimes pre
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inch. We now have an instantaneous relief which lasts some
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During activity the muscles require many times more blood than dur
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Although generalization may ensue in so short a period as four months
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of suicide etc. It no longer happens that strong young men who
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organism there will be no harm in trying the experiment with this drug.
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the thorax but after amputations at the shoulder joint
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But you may have relapses and meet with obstinate cases and
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of years holding various offices a staunch Democrat and thor

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