reflex action by Marshall Hall had shrewdly surmised that an in

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So far countries importing animals or animal products have

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suspension appeared to bring the epizootic quickly under control. We

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are said to produce a moderately strong filtrable toxin. Weinberg and

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mountain resort but that of the winter is not without its value.

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London Dr. Dawson Williams drew attention to certain

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pork and musty bread. To the salt beef the sailors gave the name

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extremity. These swellings could be made partly to disappear

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ones are not attended with pain and ceafe when he lies down

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macerated. The grinding is more easily effected after the

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Hum such as lines the trachea and larger bronchi in

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severe attack of parenchymatous nephritis such as is produced by

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the proposition of Dr. Radclifte at the head of this paragrnph

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stable compounds and more especially grape sugar to obtain the

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Mr. Rarey has BMide hianelf so rich and famous instead of

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intense dry heat or that following the injection of homologous living

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trouble referred to by other speakers in treating the un

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remedy to ward off attacks of epilepsy One patient in my prac

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ed her. Two patients had no suspicion that they were subjects

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of sickness it was postponed. Subsequently the parents took the

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was troublesome and there was repeated vomiting of bilious

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cles become soft and flabby and the skin hangs in folds

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his family to the Faculty of the Polyclinic and to the

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in Africa as may be inferred from the currently available

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terior lobe and softening of brain beneath the adher

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Ouverture des kystes hydatiques du foie par la voie pleu

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clots cleaned out and the kidney anchored. If the hemorrhage per

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insufficient hospital accommodation which in leaving the sick in quarters tended to the

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Soak the feet well and go to bed coyering up warm ani

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made and felt somewhat uncomfortable in the afternoon. There was

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impressed on the understanding and as expressed in their works

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the use of differential air pressure in thoracic oper

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enter into long term physician patient relationships. In those sorts of

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nerve are seen to respond. There is no evidence however that this

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