behavioral research. The benefits may be analyzed similarly whether the re
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human tuberculosis is not transmissible to cattle and
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Pathology. It may be primary in muscle being the first focus
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I have ventured to give of it in consumptive cases. One gentleman
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treatment that offers fairly quick relief is sure to
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daily. The condition remained stationary until the ist February.
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from other acute diseases scarlet fever typhoid fever rheumatic
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edition with colored lithographic illustrations and
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oxide. This is the preparation also known as white ar
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The South East Kansas Medical Society met at Independence
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account of the disease. Authorities are quoted who maintain that
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ening or developed. Now when the ordinary means of treatment
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pound of the dried leaves given as a decoction and observed
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gual to tongue facial to superficial parts of face occipital
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The frequent association of the condition with alternation of the
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in the majority it has undoubtedly been due to infection and
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Ustinalis which is credited with inducing anxmia in va
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solution of hydrochlorate of cocaine will very much
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Gerner RH Rosenlicht N Systematic approaches to treatment
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after returning home. The author indicates his belief that the diet
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twenty four hours the bacilli developed can be recognized by
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a concomitant of cholera that it may easily be dis
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rally depends upon one of two causes viz. inflammation or other
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or it may follow nervous depression such as violent shock intense
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in the gall bladder and one at the ampulla of Vater.
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tinising powers of organic chemistry display their peculiar
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abscesses but never cut into collections of blood or synovia. A bruise
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fact which I have akeady pointed out that alcoholism and
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period there were abdominal pains and a tumor appeared seemingly
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obliged to enter into a variety of considerations before he can

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