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later published a monograph The Use of Earth in Sur.

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knowledge and they have instituted a clinical exammation ot patiems

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we should have liked more information on the differ

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contact is lessened this quantity of antivenin is no longer able to

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at all subsequent examinations was negative for malarial

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speaks exclusively of physical objects second the language of

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tion of early cases treated in hospitals and certainly we must

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returned to us after an absence of less than twenty four hours.

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soon vomited a large amount of colorless material prostration ex

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illness from fulfilling the office. On behalf of the Acad

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when administered as a purgative the specific gravity should

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functions of nutrition to perform their proper offices. Medi

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ance of this operation may seriously endanger the life of the patient.

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lies in our darkness. Formerly there was a simplicity

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very rarely begins with convulsions. The status epilepticus must be

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contains diplococci in pure cultures. The specific changes never attack the cervix

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the way for accurate gastric diagnosis and scientific

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sanitary condition. Thus while the death of Dehli was in the week

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takeateacupfulof strong tea made of No. strain it off when

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from their posterior surfaces with a peculiar amber reflex that indi

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suffering from high fever the ordinary alterations throughout the body

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patients in hysterical dream states show almost all of the characteristics

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either an original accumulation of blood within the brain or the

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eration should never be undertaken. Exostoses may be

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as represented by groups A B and C in the engraving.

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roMolar rash on the skin and al o superficial ulcera

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effects of mental overwork the higher lying mountain

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animals has consisted in the degree of degeneration occurring in the tubular

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to its lateral aspect. Or the projectile in this case a rifle or

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investigation by Philip Boobbyer ledical Officer of Health for Not

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and carried home with a fractured limb or a broken neck. In

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valence of diarrhoea could not be attributed to excesses on the

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