disease. The duty of guiding sanitary authorities lies with the
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beings especially by milkmaids who were recently vaccinated
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tissues and blood and constitute the condition usually
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by immediate disinfection of the premises and of all
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Having become tired of seeing the horse about in that condi
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and Providence by an intermingling of the difterent races in
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as an abiotrophic condition a congenital inherited and inherent lack of
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ends of which are tied in loops these are carried over the
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of his plan as in its proper and careful selection and
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your attention to a case where the diagnosis was made and treatment
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them. Some writers claim success with calomel santonin and castor
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incubator the volume of the culture shrinks by evaporation and the
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made immeiliately at the lower portion of the patella. The flaps
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fluid lymph or fibrinogen solution must reach the blood in a
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no mention of it in any of his cases. Darkened areas have been
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in the virulence of cultures of the same organism under vary
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The changes in the peripheral nerves are the most characteristic
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Tlicre was no impairment of the mental faculties but the child
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lants bearing in mind the subject I have chosen and it is
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upwards thickened bands can be seen the cicatrized left utero
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phor should be given as required but he insisted that
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marks on modes of proceeding in regard to tlie hernial sac
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the value of colectomy. On looking over the table of fifty one
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insanity not only simulate general paralysis exactly and cannot be
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per of the mean population for all deaths registered.
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valuable collection of animals of all kinds the numbers and
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ments and lotions to indolent and foul ulcers burns amp c.
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second and for three hours on the third day. On the
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clean appearance. Bacteriological examination Tonsils no colonies vault
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butter fats were found but the higher fats olein etc. were in
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Description. This plant is known in Europe by the names
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good judgment which should govern all passions in order to reach
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Eensed with. For a dose take half a tea spoonful in
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The above are eminent authorities men whose judgment and

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