What are the leading conditions likely in a given case to be

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viz. to strike off the roll any practitioner who has

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gradually enlarge often uniting one with another. Professor

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experienced over the general surface the muscles seem fatigued and

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anaesthetic. Great improvement can be effected in many cases of port

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gangrenous. The reaction of the stools is variable but in most

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cally delivered by Dr Darwin a writer whom cur author has

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hydroxide to complete precipitation and clearing after

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carried off in a state of catalepsy. They are all brought

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Aside from State and Federal officers in many rural com

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ner is the basis of his Kingdom the Sun of his World

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esting point in the paper was the mode of formation

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touched the septum the partition of the nostril for they

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do not receive the benefits of early detection techniques.

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closure of the abdominal wound without drainage. If it be

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normal liver function. In these cases no bad symptoms have

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invented some five years ago is an outgrowth of the stu

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disease will be extinguished in that State within even

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dragogue purgatives are those which remove a large quantity

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sition of the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to

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when there will be another after that date owing to the operations of

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be repeated if no relief is experienced at the expiration

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as feeling much better there was relatively much more improvement in

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that certain pharmacists have been inexcusably careless

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severe and clinically typical cases while off. speaking at a medical meetmg at

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not developed at time of oviposition. Echinostoma sp. is reported by

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upon an unwarmed part a shiver will start up from the limb

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has been written lately concerning nitrous oxide gas mixed with

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isolated cases of membranous laryngitis are frequent a laryngeal diphtheria

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