activity of these muscles is modulated by the vagal influ

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shadow in this event would not be symmetrical in every direction. As an

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Mr. Grove in a lecture on the Progress of Physical Science in

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health the pain entirely disappearing. From the fact

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the ensuing year and to propose the place of meeting.

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Perhapa the strange doctrine taught by Galen which pre

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In the treatment of scrofula it relieves the glandular

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atom fails however to cure its internal troubles. Two

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This has given rise to what is called hollow horn. However the

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clearer and healthier but with a slight tendency to bulge at

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surface soon became gangrenous in turn and the dis

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to the left brain but all meet in the brain centre

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direction covered a period of twenty years from January to January and was

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Autopsy No subcutaneous edema moderate ascites hydrothorax and hydro

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dilated vessels most frequently in the brain and its mem

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quirements and adaptable to every contingency. On the im

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very ill and debilitated patients should not be per

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again by turning and the operation continued in this

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shown that the parasite is restricted to localities bordering on the sea

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doubled in quantity the oedema lessened the headache disappei

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be delayed for several weeks. Recovery is usually slow and likely

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or farcy is of variable duration. Where the virus has been im

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Fractures of glenoid cavity and of the head of the humerus. Jones modified.

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lution by striking out the provision that the name be

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certain recently described cases. Intussusception has

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group judgment on the plans for negotiations for and documentation of in

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The Doctor was also a minister of the gospel. Gorgeously

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into each buttock. This dose may be repeated as often as

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Interest of the govemtnent and of nonappropriated fund activities by determining contractural

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dage passed round the nightcap and fastened to it is a sufficient

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of active tuberculosis. The non tuberculous comprised those in whom

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long continuance and alarming appearance of the symptoms

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