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If the majority of instances the condition is due to irritants

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always in earnest and had a passionate energy which coloured

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sound hearted patriotism won him scores of friends that he

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have frequently returned at short intervals by giving enough

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reducing effect of kidney tissue in peptone broth and in the same broth

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so good an example of the treatment as the other cases since it

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Samuel R Noble MD. Physical Med Rehabilitation PO Box

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beginning of the treatment is advised rather than a vaccine for the

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were observed in a proportion of the cases some of them being

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this regard our views have changea materially within recent

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as perpetual vomiting and fever attend this. Fourthly it is diflin

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indicated but the writer believes with Osier that the physician who at

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and they seldom or never make an effort to strike when

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intervening between the operation and the appearance

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marked the cells show cloudy swelling and the parenchyma encloses a

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or congestion or arterial hccmorrhage but according to all observers

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journal its readers and really the advertisers them

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from those with Bacillus dysenteriae. Infection with the latter organism

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value both as a preliminary measure to prevent collapse and sub

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who was admitted into the Brompton Hospital on March th

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stimulation should be begun early and should be persisted in throughout

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column of cells which passes from the Wolffian body into the

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disease namely a disease germ and a suitable soil it is evident

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especially or perhaps the skin of the back is scalded from

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past three years and in Fiscal Year approximated for Anesthe

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younger generation of medical men is far behind its predecessors

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The blood condition of natives suffering from trypanosomiasis is

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and every place where knowledge is to be had or is supposed

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therefore to find among the new material in this edition a chapter on

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