College of Surgeons and could have been obtained nowhere else in this

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more or less direct transmission of the disease from parent to children

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man. Millions of these particles which have been thus burnt

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be permitted to acquiesce in or refuse to accept the substitu

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that a rising fever is on hand for a temperature from

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exterior to the canthus on a level with the tarsal border

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Dysenteria. j jg under the influence of such a cause of which a

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abeyance. With reference to the etiology of this form one fact needs

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directly in front a single side glance being sufficient

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It may be admitted that in consequence of renal failure a toxic element

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sulphuric acid containing arsenic. An important mc thod of

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of the couch and striking the wall beyond. The flow

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pyaemia results from injury of bone. On this point Mr. Simon says

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the first sign of sickness the characteristic symptoms of pleuro pheumonia.

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the thorax but after amputations at the shoulder joint

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In twenty two cases of active secondary and tertiary syphilis the cobra

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ade of the veins and lymphatics of the part usually a thrombophle

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Dr. DeCow mentioned a case of poisoning by cedar oil

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pain. After the first forty eight hours the suffering abated the intel

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or branching processes were discovered. Similarly scrapings

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day of A. I. from natural cause suicide or accident as

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was the case through the latter stages and I saw him just before

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criticize his own practice and admit that it would have been

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in members of gouty families who may never have suffered from an

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length of time the poison would be eliminated and the animal com

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A blond is more liable to this condition than a brunette. Lymphatic

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with intense thirst and diuresis which continued from that time.

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