partment peculiarly strong and by collating the unknown with the
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therein owing to its physicochemical attributes to a
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made some experiments with this apparatus at the clinic of Dr.
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kept closed at least where the ducts are very large. This however
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sebaceous glands and the possibility of securing specimens without dis
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diagnosis they throw light upon pathology and causation and they frequently
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the activit of the muscles the amount of energ which must
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skin stavesacre or weak balsam of Peru ointment may be substituted
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to the neuroses of development and has set forth his observations in the
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lytic ferment occurs as diastase in the vegetable kingdom
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the patient to begin the use of injections of sulpho carbolate of
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and the symptoms very numerous. The symptoms are referred to
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the descending colon and the large extremity of the stomach are
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acid should be evolved more freely the doors and windows
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its use for a reasonable length of time he profoundly anesthetized
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seems very ungenerous and I venture to think unjust. Some
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acerbations of the morbid process. For a long while
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He strongly recommends intercourse with other doctors.
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not propose to extend the act to the keeping of one
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the age of a horse. Those that are bred in cold coun
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and the sexual functions. In the female you may find an enlarged or
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other Vinca minor lesser abounding in English woods
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sive of delirium or alienation of mind which though a very fre
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lishers. The present number contains articles by J. Collins War
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eral prophylactic measure or it might be used to con
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diminished gluten with in certain extreme cases a tendency to
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tl.c first few hours after the wounding transfusion is unable
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as then the continued administration may cause very
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the term atrophy embraces the results of three different
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The skin consists of the cutis vera formed of fibrous tissue
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movements of the planetary system and of chemical molecules or atoms.

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