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broken constantly recklessly and with fearful consequences by

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bow obsequiously to no man s dictum should prompt him like

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insufficient nutrition from an exclusive meat diet as an important

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distinguish the weight and pressure of a half sovereign from that of

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grew to the size of a child s head. This was firm in

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of other dogs. The results were examined from tive days

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ing to the foot Neurotomy which will l t described in tlu proper

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are much used for making boluses liniments and ointments.

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markedly reduced but rises slowly during treatment with thyroid extract

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Hygiene. He made a plea for better sanitation. After

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exposed to the necessary conditions. It is this species of

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lOCARDIA has been effective in controlled trials of up to

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Essentials of Materia MedIca Therapeutics and Prescription

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occasionally are mistaken for subacute pneumonia or perhaps for

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Congress in person and to extend the courtesy of a reception at

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rhoea typhoid and other fevers in urinary obstructions

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so as there have been no great epidemics of either of these

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taken along the distal border of the intestine and therefore is

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