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In regard to enlarging the incision after we make our initial in
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Operations on the eye were remarkably facilitated whet
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applicable to quantitative determinations and thus is less
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poisoning artificial respiration and such subjects.
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one ea ilv follows the percentages. In the moderately advanced group
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heart sounds cool and pale skin feeble and frequent
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obstruction but in suppurative conditions may indicate serious mis
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th monkey had been grown on artificial media for more than yeai s.
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latter period convalescence may be expected. Violent remedies
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marked improvement following the reaction. Saathoff has recently
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whether we shall simply close the perforation and provide ample
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which run up and down the veutral band connecting different
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practice of nevu ology but that it falls to his lot
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nerves. Cajuput oil has been used in Hysteria employed to
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what he considers some defects in the hospitals of this
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liable to produce shock and peritonitis those to the
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the medical and natural sciences must read this work
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filled with a purulent fluid and the ependyma was covered with fine
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part of the appropriation for the support of the National
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diminution of numbers since its former classes were not large
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In thirty three cases of latent secondary and tertiary syphilis the
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chi. As a stimulating antiseptic it is valuable in various
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Dr. Young s laboratory investigated in greater detail the properties of one
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to draw the part away. The child herself has a curious habit of
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sent in the individual when not in a state of trance.
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tion had been much discussed and we were in constant habit
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months test inoculations were made from popliteal lymph nodes of
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its effects is unknown. It may act directly on the nerve cells
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Because of the recognized importance of the contributions
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the expiration of from twenty four to forty eight hours. Of
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Case. I have at present also under my care a j oimglady who
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rather than by ulceration. The peritoneum was generally healthy
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taught how to write or compound prescriptions that would be
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of beriberi in which the blood of the affected persons
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copy available for filming Features of this copy which
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greater skill in administration. It is hoped that some investiga
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himself persecuted by what he calls Thugs. But they are not Thugs as
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savage living in a state of communism is untroubled by
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both in printing and engraving. The delicacy and beauty of
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able to those of Manchester and Glasgow is at present exciting

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