several Courses of Lectures must include evidence that the

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applied micro biology will be easily understood from the

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and submit it to a chemical and microscopical examination. The

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Mr. Isaac Lea contributes the descriptions of twenty

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woman employed in a mill from the age of seven until she came

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nees Orientales France about ten miles from the city of

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in YVarrkld and Smith s report by men in whom tuberculosis was

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deformity due to the unopposed action of unaffected muscles.

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that hygienic surroundings isolation and proper food were nec

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fame has been faid of the hind and fome other animals.

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fatty degeneration. It is a prominent symptom in progressive muscular

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prepared. An appreciation of the fatality of the pneu

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the sharpness of the salts arising from the horse s urine

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eight months of this patient s life were uneventful.

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handle of the pruning knife which is prepared for that purpose. Cut

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opposite conditions either when the function of some excretory org

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accessory symptoms such as elevated temperature of the

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and alopecia areata. Adults who have been attending to children with

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on ordinary culture mediums is purely a protective process as repro

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Btrained through cloth and filtered. The filtrate is

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hazard. We plan to characterize the electrode heating according to

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cases it has no eft eet. Neither is it successful in removing

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the period of an hour at eadb aeanoe and carried out

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referable only to those parts situated postsrior to the seat

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structures at and around ring and canal that seriously

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stable solution. The term is one used In the market to indicate

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of the shank bone. Sprains of the back tendons of the suspenswy

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to depend on the presence of the Bacillus sehorrhoece. He uses the

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ation is probably to be explained by injury of the thyroid or arytenoid

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Church during the Civil War and designed especially for the

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had been irregular since its first establishment. A few days before entering

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presence of tuberculosis may be proved by experimental inocu

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segments affect the thoracic and abdominal respiratory muscles.

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One may ask such a question as this If the refractory period

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