only possible by experiments on living animals. The

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also the lay press has taken up the subject and heralded

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expelling force or from resistance encountered in the

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evolved from the mortuary chambers and the treacher

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hospital and dispensary I was enabled to try this treat

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In the years urinary calculi were found in the Dresden pathological

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Comparison of the Reducing Effect of Different Amounts of Kidney Tissue.

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many accidents had occurred. He discussed the details of this

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epeak of supersecretion witli or without hyporacidity t per rent.

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and constipation alternated. In the remaining cases the bowels were

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of pregnancy and the pathological changes of pregnancy may

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bility. Internally it may be given in doses of from.

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tism malarial jaundice syphilis scrofula and renal and

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so called idiosyncrasy is explicable on the hypothesis of

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but it is doubtful if this explanation is wholly adequ

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afterward he fell and broke the splint and reopened the

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Clinical Professor of Medicine Indiana University School of

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house of the station. Buzzards were confined in roomy cages

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tion on the wrong patient or the wrong leg the patient

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and that though in one of the carcases the flesh appeared quite

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seems greater in Type at least when roentgen ray treatment has

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nign catarrhal fever of authors and develops from the

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A systolic blood pressure of or more associated with hyper

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forehead having the characteristic feeling of grains of shot

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apt to pay better than those supported entirely by private enter

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condensed from the vapors by cooling them thorough

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which operation is preferable in this class of cases

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all kinds of opportunities to perfect themselves. He adds

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barred by prevailing religious prejudices a failure to study

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Intestinal perforation was the most commonly encountered

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Gestation. In the main he agrees with Mr. Taits theory of the

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