After five or six days they became excessively nervous lost all

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terrupting or deranging the menstrual discharge In one case

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six days to eighty three years. These studies were undertaken in order

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time than at another. In colic the pulse is normal or

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to an imperfect metabolism of natural and wholesome foods

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ing portion of the spinal columns and wishing also to test our

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other it has the contagious and zymotic property this

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In contrary opinions the belief is that willful withholding of information

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sweating all of which are produced by nitrous oxid. As regards

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leg was perfectly round and it was impossible to extend the

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received an enormous impetus through the work of t vo men. Spal

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Corrosive sublimate is the most powerful germicide used in

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Following upon infection of some of the smaller branches of the

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Fourth. Never give virus to an animal showing symptoms

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harder due to the replacement of previously degenerated areas by connective

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background of the new reimbursement system including

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lowed it. He was unable to assign a cause but was firmly of

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the perscn who concocted it its ingredients were re

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form of intestinal disorder colitis disease of the liver or

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prevalent patients who were the subjects of elephantiasis

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we may have either a mixed infection the tonsillitis

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Ziocal Uearares. The suspended ice bag is an excellent means of

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in which there is a great increase in the connective tissue asso

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the purpose of many expert and practical tests is to determine

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inhalations impregnated with oil of turpentine camphor or

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is used to illustrate the lectures. Every opportunity is embraced

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pared with those contained in the skin. Orvosi hetil.

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embedded some in collodion and some in paraffin. Various

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passing to the jaw and neck muscles and in turn to the

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such a theory as indicated by the majority of our cases. If the

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Although it is only about three hundred years since the turkey from

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Oertel claims that a well regulated mountain climb of

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Coronet s Court Witness Medical Practitioner Fees Cottage

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Sanitary Officer for Pembroke Urban District Mr. Heron

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months a delay which remains stationary in many cases even after the remedy

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ing blocks for children. Enough worth while. No paste

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that they can gain the pleasure and profit that conies

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remote development may have a veiy important bearing upon

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