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Antigens were prepared by grinding in c.c. of normal salt solution the

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given in typhoid cases. In the first case a single dose of

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I know that a great many maladies are attributed by some to arsenical

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covfi ninhsn eftfi is the last and greatest life attribute yet devel

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of cases during life the blood has not yet received

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rangement of those of the heart from the possibility of

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nomical relations are to a great extent severed whilst many terrestrial

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older and fatter the animal became the less the daily gain. As showing

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gentle Diaphoretics the Patient mould ufe a flender Diet and

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as historical survivors from particular phases of moral history a

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detectable by scratching lightly with the head of a pin

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cells. It was a purposeless growth and therefore might

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spread the contagion. The thermometer for nearly two

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the care of a medical practitioner in the neighbourhood and remained

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enlargement of the cervical glands was used in Uganda to gauge the

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conversant with the fact that the phenomenon is met with

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into consideration in estimating the features of the climate

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days severe relapse with temperature F. On the twenty fifth day a profuse

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chronic interstitial splenitis. The kidneys were of about

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ure with adequate slowing of the pulse frequency and in

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red indurated patch of skin covered with small warty elevations and

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membranes or by severe inflammation of the lungs and pleura.

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piece of lint soaked in carbolic oU was passed through the

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considerable or not secondly that the process of mortification and its appear

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diplococci which are both intra and extracellular and do not stain by

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able to the case that they are cumbrous and uncomfortable and

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an identical infection with an unusual localization. W. Pasteur s epidemic

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conjunctivae were slightly injected there were livid spots on his

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an animal is sufTcring from rabies and will inevitably

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to prolong expiratory time and allow end expiratory

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produce irregular contraction and cause pain and gas

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