required in the Candidate the person to whom appliration should be

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with detailed directions for ventilation and the regu

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dropped into the ear daily and the patient turned his

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Stasis. Arbuthnot Lane after describing the mechani

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Taking into account the ascertained presence of large solid

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consistence. Interspersed at various intervals throughout its substance were many small

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statu quo for a considerable time subject to relatively small

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circumstances he was animated by the very purest and noblest intentions.

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ture from white or whitish to yellowish. They exhibit a homogeneous

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six year old horse is suffering with dysphagia no fever general

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calculus consisted of two portions one considerably larger than the

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the neighboring secondary cysts as are similar formations in

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phosphorus dibromide and heating the bromo acid so obtained with

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published in the Society s Transactions. As I was fortunate

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into the aorta. The lungs show the same disturbances as in

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effusion give the following three times daily tincture of digitalis one

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Comparing the cases with a family history of tuberculosis with

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ulceration suppuration and formation of crusts. These syphilides are

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the Edinburgh Royal Infirmary. Mr Caird had opened a foetid

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order it removed Immediately that this is noticed and re

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may be pale and the circulation is often depressed. Later however

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in each case tubercle bacilli were demonstrated in the sections. This

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is very important in modifying its progress and ten

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of other persons and things in the course of a few months she

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Committees wiU have to be appointed the cases of certain

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said that he believed that physicians could have a post

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Vasomotor reactions with flushing of the face dysp

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soccessfttl in having ow intonis r ecomme n d our service to

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is applied this being either side of the vertebra where the nerves

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role in diagnosis and selected interventional therapeutic procedures. The radiology department

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tion or bronchial secretion a distressed expression a flushed face

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terminating at one end in a cul de sac perforated by numerous

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which was rendered more diflScult by ascites and a large umbilical

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operation and support which I have received during my term of office.

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