effect a good getting up after delivery and she complains of
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little spread and the cord and cerebrospinal fluid were never invaded by
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Organized in. The department in Quebec is the successor of the Quebec School
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Clotting is also a frequent occurrence when there are local dilatations of
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mixed types of goiter operated upon w ith one death
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and erythematous nodes. Examination cff the blood dis
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The diseased ovarium on being cut into presents a variega
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an absence of some of the dorsal and cervical vertebrae.
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and physiology shoiUd be those who are perfectly on the level of the
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their full power and soonest fail. They may be compared to that most
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is turned from side to side there are continual irregular movements of
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producing botulinus infection. Of guinea pigs and which were
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The question as to whether bedside nursing belongs in health
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accident the patient while sitting on a chair was taken
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serious injury to the health while others succumb to its
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as if not better than any attempt at specific medi
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ances but the history of his diseases their causes and cures
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nesday evening the th instant at the London Institution by J. Brax
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filled witli some active homoeopathic drug. Each of these
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pulmonary artery lay in the midst of the mass and was compressed
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mach increafes the dire t a lion of the cellular lymphatics.
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practice. If not addressed by health professionals solu
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An interesting paper by Miss Etta Johnstone and Professor Tliomas
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color throughout but in all sections are some in which the purple centre
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to prolong expiratory time and allow end expiratory
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Photograph showing area of cardiac dulness. apex beat outline
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relief after the first few baths in from four to eight weeks there
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measures. It has not been shown tliat any real cure has been
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consider that despite this slight discrepancy the oats grain contains an
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haemoglobin and red bloodcells by themselves in the masses brought
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viency to the provisions of the charter itself and that such bye
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to clear up the problem of their relationship or of their origin.
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expectoration niuco purulent. Physical examination showed consolidation
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faculties occur without the consciousness of the change. In all

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