eye, occurs in the urine of a person who has been taking antipyrine,
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pital, and asserted that what we removed had been introduced previously to
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it comprises every variety of soil and exposure, and afiFords, fresh and abundant,
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report in pcrsou to Coi.. Ch.viu.ks H. .■\lukn, assistant surgeon-
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cold ; skin very harsh and dry ; very marked arcus senilis ; sight good ; tongue
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have all along been in the dark, that they are all in
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In surgical rounds the duty of the nurse is to have everything
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ance of the operation itself, there is an additional reason
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ease), and certain insects like mosquitoes also produce wheals.
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there is little danger of a deluge. [Inflation by means of a
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Iennings— His cheeks were like a full-blown rose.
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that I was sent for to bring on abortion as the last resort,
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with autopsies were collected and analysed. The study of these cases
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"The knowledge of these remedies was given to me by Doctor
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this probably had something to do with the irritation of
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employment of gunpowder in the wars of Western Europe ;
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.^ion, aud be interdicted from writing for his bread, or practis-
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only about 100 mg. of the daily loss of nitrogen, and that
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been subjected to anti-rheumatic remedies, antiphlo-
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detail ; but as far as I can learn does not seem, himself, ever to have seen
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but it is just possible that this may have had some similar j
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Almost always, when the hemianesthesia has these peculiarities,
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published in the interests of arts, and groceries, have their
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its existence is quite positively known, and also in
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safeguarded against many conditions of disease by reason
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taxis of hernia. He must be versed in the diagnosis and treat-
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The etiology is unknown. The condition usually commences early in
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can, will gladly and immediately enrol his name as a
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dizziness, nausea and vomiting during the ten hours
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vital Influence of the sympathetic nerve, which to Joined by an anastomoeto with the spinal nerves.*' — ^p. 77.
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liable. aTid can not be compared with the Rontgen ray for locating lodged missiles.
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Heart. — Pericardium contained one pint of serum. Weight of organ 1 lb.
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causing them to autolyze at 37° C. for forty-eight hours in salt solution and in
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cate for, and originator of it, and I can unhesitatingly assert that, as regards
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other anesthetics, disadvantage, technic, etc. He also
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