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be longer than that of free-living animals of a similar size.

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for regenerating lymph than for its production on a manufacturing scale.

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properties of the one were altered, those of the other were so

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a definite, definable system. An Institute for Continuing

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is then less danger of overlooking a small or a movable or

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' See De Perspir. § 469-71. ^ Dr. Hunter's Medical Comm. chap. v.

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on two occasions in which she lost consciousness. She also

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forms over the cervical os results from the effervescence of

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Toxorhynchites minimus (Theo.). — I captured two 9^ (the first

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and upon examining the crassamentum in one of the cups, he

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are dark purple, from haemorrhagic infiltration, and this

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and impulsive ventricular systole in cases of mitral stenosis

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much in density in different cases; in some it is extremely

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terested parties whose purpose would be to provide support

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another house, I could not readily find the memorandums I

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a more restricted fauna than the lower. Anopheles maculatus appeared

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and that it secretes from the blood particles like those secreted

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Senac f though it was readily brightened by neutral salts, contrary to

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discourage predictable environmental health threats. His

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Boards. From this point, the Committee on Medical Educa-

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Lecount (^) notes that there is superficial fatty change. Lyon {^^)

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In July, 1885, five months after tracheotomy had been

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that has been disregarded all too often by both the research

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Abstract — The author should submit a 50- word abstract to

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with left facial paralysis, external ophthalmoplegia of the

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