nonchalance and best bow, as he entered the drawing-room,
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developed, its lymph spaces are wide, its cells are hypertrophied, and a
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plague in London were active on the principle that one
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were recommended by Burton, such as the sound of falling water. The
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Whilst every town of England had its strong force of
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revealed the affinity of disease of the thyroid gland to tetany. N. Weiss,
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considerably. If the patients are ordinarily strong healthy people none
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When the cerebral cortex interferes with automatic acts, and spoils them,
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Pathology. — The disease appears to consist of a peculiar inflammation
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the enumeration and rough classification of drug eruptions, as given above,
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with little risk ; and I think the woman is entitled to the extra chance
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cold water, and lay it aside to dry with the plunger removed.
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tion to all but the predominant idea, leads to defective conception ; the
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From L. vulgaris it is distinguished in ordinary cases by the later
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of the body. I have records of cases beginning on the face, on the
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which at the present time is of fundamental importance. Unfortu-
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that hysteria is " humbug." There may be malingering here as among
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that they gorge at a sitting, are often revolting to a sane onlooker.
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they may spread to neighbouring parts, giving rise to local inflamma-
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Typhoid Fever, Cholera, Septicemia of all kinds, Blenorrhagia, Pyaemia, Vaccinia,

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