either side without regard to their qualifications and

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Case VII. — Miss A., aged twenty-four years, a subject of chronic

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plish its allotted work as well as other children. " Itis kept in school "

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pain and soreness in the riglit side of the abdomen, espe-

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before the operation and was 64 immediately before the

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Unfortunately the record of this sign in the histories has been so neglected

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employed. Of importance is the use of infusions, as of uva ursi, quite likely

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to leave some contents out and soon closes up again.

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ing this period. A prominent clinician recently said

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lished as the result of a need ; if this were not true,

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sounds. In the dorsal position the liver-dulness cannot be made out.

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mand of the Department of the East, with headquarters

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nection with its Council on Medical Legislation, is

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cornstarch, bread, and the inevitable chicken-bone form the principal

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pyelitis are maintained by temporary causes, which are very often

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in itself, will prevent the occurrence of ankylosis.

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not dare to give an injection, but, as his condition grew

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fluid, which has permeated all parts of the peritoneal cavity. In addi-

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the pocket was slipped over the proximal end of the

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such as the abstracts exemplify, is rare. Then, too, fragilitas so often

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four weeks. Its persistence is exceptional. In a personal experience of

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