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casts, it is certain that acute renal disease exists, 'i'here may be other

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coma, and death may appear within a week. It will be found that

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between the time of death and the making of the autopsy. In a small pro-

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inent. The breath has an offensive odor. Late in the disease, herpetic

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temperature is to be reduced either by the apj)lication of cold to the sur-

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by the destruction of the cilia of the epithelium. The prolonged contract-

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for such appallingly rapid reproduction. This likely accounts for the

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the ear. The tumor is benign, but is prone to recur unless every vestige

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rivalled, and it is the only vegetable that retains its virtues unimpaired

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rheumatic tendency. The contents may be a clear fluid, or may be rice-

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or puncturing the brain. In these cases, a flap should be raised, the

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mouth and pharynx. If it becomes chronic, the voice becomes hoarse,

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covering which is part of the peritoneum, and an inner, its true fibrous

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smooth and rounded. With a waxy liver the spleen is enlarged, but with


morning teiupi-ratiire is rarely 2° F. lower than the evening — the difTeronce

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therapeutical measures. Among those can be mentioned vaccine, anthrax,

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the artery wall, result in thrombosis, hemorrhage, gangrene, etc., or

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Percussion. — At its commencement the normal hepatic dulness is in-

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rather than to any lack of infective power. Strictly speaking there are no

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The urine is increased in quantity and of low sjiecific gravity. It is

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habits of life and an unhealthy occupation ; while chronic catarrh is asso-

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climate. Those living in the mountains should go to the sea ; those at

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return circulation must be removed, spinal lesions corrected, and the

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ties occur, though peritonitis mav be suspected in those cases where there

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vena portse and inferior cava may be pierced. Frequently the abscess

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the bone suffers most. It is difficult to differentiate this disease from

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