carried to the Consolidated Fund of the United Kingdom and be paid

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thereby to improve his work but often finding that he had much

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wrist there are frequently joint complications see In

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opportunity of examining post mortem anatomical lesions

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minimum temiwratures for each day covered by Table I the average

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extenuating the act their condition only aggravates any violence

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among the poorer classes the sanitary inspection of the city being per

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those where lead has been used as a solder and an ob

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anaesthesia of the segmentary or hemiplegic form hystero genetic zones

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but rather as a welcome from the members of the med

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the bacteria population either by consuming the food supply of the

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as a small dark sore tubercle or vesicle or a large prominent wart.

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have a reactive serologic test for syphilis. In granuloma inguinale Donovan

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in the chest for the extended pericardium and had we punctur

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genital paralysis secondary squint does not usually occur. In

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with ome little widening of the vessel at the junction

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which some among ihem made themselves scorned afforded

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mixture is taken deduct this from the mean specific gravity of

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die Kr mmungsmittelpunkte a von. und B und aus a dann

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moval of the tumour but in their special case the local difficulties

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protect against tear gases. Warnings come Inm various

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Dr. Alvin E. Barber Bethel Gentlemen I had resolved to keep

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diathesis may be cured. If inherited syphilis is to

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and causes of their extention with what success our readers

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If the Quantity of Blood be too much or too thick there

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involvement in a cicatrix and pressure by tumors. Neuritis of the twelfth

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that the alimentary canal could absorb this large volume of liquid

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a pertinent question. It would certainly seem highly desirable to check

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service in improving the muscular powers of the patient.

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are often called upon to diagnose between tuberculosis and mild

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can produce immunity of shorter or longer duration and influence

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The best means of preserving water pure is by keeping Means of

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Voted That the thanks of the Convention be returned to the House

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mectomy where there were no complications requiring

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as foreign matter leaving the person free from danger

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ossification of the laryngeal and costal cartilages and calcification

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by the parents with injury. Thus a girl was recently brougl

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tion of one deformity for another and that results can only be

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nasal disease was not found as a predisposing cause of

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I know that a great many maladies are attributed by some to arsenical

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not like it as the disordered accommodation remains long after

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into the abdomen or not is still regarded as prima facie evidence of

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