ingly popular and ran through several editions. His interest in

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life of the present day. The students joined in societies

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will keep milk sweet ten days which would curdle in a day

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tions for the admission of surgeons to the medical corps of the

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increased over both lungs. No rales or change in respiratory murmur.

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and while possessing the power only of recommending to the com

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the original blister and then completely heals it in forty eight hours. This

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Each case must decide for itself how much persuasion is ne

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noon. Anatomy had not long been separated from Physio

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its sequels than the incessant stimulating of the brain

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good and uterine action regular the pains recurring every

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piration. Not only that but his other great work Le

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rine easily. It forms a cheap and valuable disinfecting

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pericardial adhesions would occur. Great care was taken not to

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this delicate and partially disorganized tissue that sepa

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essary during the paroxysm of colic even then the obturator

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From a microscopical standpoint the pictures were about as

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Diseases of the Heart and Aorta. By Alexander Gibson. With

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a colored patient suffering from an extreme case of elephantiasis

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results of our efforts for others to read after we as individuals

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Pennsylvania in. He assisted in eradicating the epidemic

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In the construction of the human economy Nature has in no

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after the daily medical treatment is ended. To prevent as

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deductions from them as logic and common sense will enable

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this country as every physician is familiar with the names and

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Having arrested the violence of the symptoms it is of the first

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roMolar rash on the skin and al o superficial ulcera

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intratracheal injection of Lugol s solution to ounce daily in some

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back as on the opposite side. The next step consists

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correct observation of these phenomena and we now trust to that

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not find him idly waiting like the worn out debauchee to be

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avail much where the Bones are affeiSled nor where the fcrofu

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from alcohol or spirits of wine in small doses a person is

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a series of years his remarkable demonstrations. It is interesting

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represent the extent to which the mortality of each group as

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number of letters. For instance when asked to read Like

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