Curtis and David and of Eisley and Irving. From the findings of these
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signs of putrefaction have appeared or not the accession
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Dr. Clin s Solution always identical in its composition
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similar to that of the mouth may be discovered that is
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connot accommodate for distant objects and unless some
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the proceedings of the Association in all its departments while
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entered his class at the Keeley Institute. Golden News Octo
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without influencing the other. Instinct has its domain in practical
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of the Library and Museum subject to the regulations relating
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serum gave complete hemolysis with these antigens were used for inoculations.
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The fox hound is one of the largest kind of hounds he
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Valndc E. D un efl et le l autipyrine daus oertaines
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cussion which has for a long time been maintained in Liver
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ed an opening from some branch of the bronchise into the
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presence of some condition inimical to the action of the ferment.
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gladly sends samples free to physicians who will furnish their
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be the former and for his special benefit allow me to
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Experimental Investigations of the Actions of the Galacta
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we are dealing with an acute or chronic case of poison
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that asphyxia from overlying or from direct smothering with criminal
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on to ulceration and pferf oration. Iritis is not very uncommon. Otitis
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sideration on the part of the training department. Special training
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from hsematemesis caused by rupture of the oesophageal varices. In

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