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In respect to re vaccination we will only observe that many of tbe

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conditions and were almost useless for the determination

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soothing treatment during some three or foiu weeks and the

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Injuries. Frederic Wood Jones holds that the story of

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mediate operative interference. On the other hand not

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cheaply in a space of feet we are bound to supply feet in

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permit of the child being taken out into the open air.

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irritable and despondent. The mucous lining of the mouth is

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R. Extract of Gentian and Powder of Rhubarb Root each half a

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following doses for horses and cattle j to vj dogs.

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improvement which though positive and undoubted did

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so far as any present knowledge goes can not come into consideration.

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in extent and of longer duration than that seen after exposure to

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openings and dilutes and absorbs the virus or drying quickly pre

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Then the amount of normal alkali which will be required to

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De. Georgk Budi son of Dr. William Budd of Bristol and

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geons as his trustees for the purpose of establishing and

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The differential diagnosis of the various forms of cystitis is a very

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a fit of the gout whereby the system is cleared. I have repeatedly

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familiaritv with the distribution of inorganic salts and their elements in

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sition to question. The members of the Committee are person

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the conducting wires which connect the pairs with the collector. H is

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way has thus been opened for the scientific study of immunity and

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hiccoughs is by standing behind the patient and placing his thumb along

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ferent strrJns of streptococci etc. In each case one

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wearing months of pregnancy and the laborious efforts of

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sacs were desired per cent alcohol was used as a routine.

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mistake of the gravest character for they are often the chief evidence

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The family history must be free from a psychopathic taint not sufficient

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nothing which has any special importance to him or to

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Mounsey says exactly the same of the prisons at Moscow and Peters

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standing the entrance of numerous bacilli into the lungs a

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retirement as Vice President for Epidemiology and Statistics

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and paralysis of the external rectus. Swift has obtained positive results

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