This case shows the effects of atropia to quicken the respiration. But after

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pital, the Government hospital for the insane, Wash-

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author appears to think that the theory of " reflex cardiac inhibition "

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NSAlDs cause reversible inhibition of platelet aggrega-

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I have of his case as they were given me by his family physician

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moaning and depressed upon her bed. She was quite unable to

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or from glass to air, it follows the same course but in a

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by the most prominent surgeons through all time, which arc too apt

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4. When preputial adhesions are extensive the glans clitoridis

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says : " Imhotep, the Imuthes of the Greeks, corre-

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J. M. Chelius ' mentions a case fallowing scarlet fever, another following

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peutics has been woefully neglected. He points out that milk is

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fixed position by means of splints and bandages. The source of

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S. — A year after the burial of a woman of advanced

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State) seems to be somewhat unjust to the residents

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It must be remembered that cases of liver abscess have been reported

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and at a second examination the following day a tumor

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tt'use and painful ; for an liour it continued to en-

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I made tests in which the number of thicknesses of gauze covering

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demic of measles held me. I recall the hot drinks, the

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tapeworms for liver-flukes; the writer has seen several cases in which

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easily, as I have before shown, produce serious passive con-

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advocates the keeping of cats to destroy the root of the trouble — the rats.

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the former the bacilli excite the growth of tubercle only at a given part

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apparatus, gives only approximate values, which are far less accurate than the

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The Clinical Center is the research hospital for the National Institutes of

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The mode in which I would explain this phenomenon is as follows : — •

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aggregate must be the greater the greater the valency of the metal

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choroid, and sclerotic were abnormally thick, and the vitreous humor

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cal contrivances', do so, not for the sake of science,

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found in the statement that this kind of accumulation implies physio-

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by the various fanciful and unhappy conjectures formed on

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be collected from all the stations and taken to the central laboratory, where

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course and the direct cause of death is usually ne-

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dying a poor man, or having to take up his former mechanical work

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The special senses and general sensibilitj^ are much impaired, the muscu-

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first four cases presented were refractory to ordinary rules of

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wound, giving the exploring finger complete command of the

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general system supposed by Mayo to be a general releasing and

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cases of wounds of the head were admitted. The mortality among

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the time which the Council will have to give to it when its

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safety pin '. How often does one see it stuck right through the

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performed ? (iall-stones certainly are the result of stasis of bile,

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