external manipulation continued to refuse food for ten days.

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independent activity of the capillary wall and its Importance in the

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Mastication was painful and the patient was unable to take any solid food.

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appeared succulent and epitheliomatous but I am unable to be

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nasal passages. There is occasionally a feeling of great pres

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Prof. Hebra the father of modern dermatology is about sixty

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way in death resulting from a hysterectomy for cancer the

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frequency among our troops during the years that preceded it. per thousand. The

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This branch of learning has engaged the attention of the

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of medical men could be supplied on very short notice.

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choice superior to any other methods of local reaction.

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ligature was passed along the groove of the probe and drawn out

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the cold stage the bladder is empty and firmly contracted.

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this edition shows that Dr. Stoddart has brought his work well up to

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in bed is the one remedy on which stress should be laid.

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or birth root. It grows in the woods and consists of

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death of Lindsay and Sip and having traced its progress from

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phases than showing occurrences of the same period. This

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KRATES and Galen make use of unfamiliar expressions

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Of the effort syndrome cases here reported per cent give a

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distinctly uttering thick undistinguishable sounds as stated by his

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declare them to be and that they contain some element beyond

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may lie well before going further to state the main facts

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by any exercise which results in fatigue and while fever

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and scientific researches of Professor Matteucci of the Pisa

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of immeasurable importance to the business of men and

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patella and the p.ilmar surfaces of the two first fingers of both hands

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parallel to the above mentioned muscle to a little above

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The imperfect condition in which the air enters the lungs make them

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into the pleural cavity and downward between the heart and lungs

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with but little reserve and shows how these make for the

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conveyed by grouping such formidable and fatal di.seases as

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been mild. The increasing virulence is shown as the

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