with ova and fa?cal matter, and containing the female which we saw


fragments of bone were removed from the wound, through which the

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of the movement of the population of Spain has lately been published.

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would, so far as I know, be unprecedented, to have absolute freedom

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extract, the taste of aloes, cascara sagrada, ammonium clilo-

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thick bark, and slender, ligneous cord. Odor peculiar,

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" Rejoiced, Tliat Dr. Townsend be requested to sit for his portrait

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Quinine and its Salts. — Tonic dose — H., gr. 15-60 (gm. 1.-4.) C, dr.

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.-^uigeoii of the 6tli Vermont Reo-iiueiit, and is detailed for duty at the

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Bespiratory Tract. — Inhalation of stronger ammonia

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Soluble in 100 parts of water, and in 5 parts of alcohol ; in

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sometimes felt under like circumstances during the cholera epidemic,

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Now the sudden eruption of alarming symptoms during the con-

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:s of my practice. Hy strict attention to the bowels

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deputed me to carry out the attempt, and requested Dr. Edmunds

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have thrown a large number of wounded on the care of the Depart-

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The effects of the caustic are seen to commence about six and a

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digestive tube — so far as any action it may have on the body

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will decide upon the pint bottle. This, then, will hold 16

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The reorganization of the Medical Department necessitated a new

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somewhat varying chemical composition ; having the odor of

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losed up, with the exception of about one fourth of it next to tho

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ounces of blood, and about an hundred and forty ounces altogether

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I doses, but are less commonly employed than the latter.

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Eesolved, That to his bereaved parent, our honored fellow-citizen, we proffer

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Reduction is employed to recover a metal in its purity^

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version," it were not more natural and better, whore the head comes

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which had occurred twenty years ago in the practice of Dr. Mussey.

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(gr.iii.-v. to 3 i.) are occasionally instilled into the eye in

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disorders of the bowels (dysentery, etc.), i.e., the fluid is

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stimulating and antiseptic expectorant in subacute and'

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recognizes in the abstract as one of the most important. There is no

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by virtue of the four ferments contained in it. It digests

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pain and stimulating the circulation and respiration, ara

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short sketches of what is jroiiig on in the difTcrent schools of this

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wise, wherever there is long-continued crowding and exclusion of

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s^ame effort would .seem to explain the soreness at the epigastrium,

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of research in regard to a medico legal question of a very impor-

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^ strongly acid taste. Spec. gr. not below 1.710. Miscible,

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riviT. is of the color of coffee, or very stronj^ black tea, and is call-

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stronger alcoholic liquors, and before there is time for

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peritonitis. These readily yielded to opium, but the abdominal dis-

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num was given immediately, and spoonsful of beef-tea. ordered to

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Latham, are as follows: — 1st, weakness and attenuation ; 2d, weak-

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