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a bill for presentation to the Legislature, providing for the registra-

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ing gall-bladder infections, four animals were given 1 gm, of sodium

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the action of microbes, and suggests to the therapeutist

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Table III shows the comparative virulence of the immune and

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and practice, and indeed the results of osteopathic

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article are sufficient at the earliest stage of the disease, when there

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observed, and active progressive growth with numerous mitotic

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annunciation, he being probably ignorant of the fact.

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serum obtained for the tests at comparable intervals of time. The

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(41st day). This one had a well developed frog-shaped body; tail atrophy about

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group except that they failed to produce gas from dextrose and other carbohydrates.

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The spirometer was empirically graduated by recording the vertical

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strongly urged in the circulars issued for the public information.

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rivatives to the surface are to be employed as long as the inflammatory pro-

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and the number of strains agglutinating in the different dilutions is represented

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are unnatural and offensive, often having a slimy, greenish appearance.

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since, in the last case at least, extensive and satisfactory immunization

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to note that in the latter curve the last two points show a distinct

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contractioDs. It was not born till twenty minotes after the placenta

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the speeulunw and allowing them to remain for a» holir or twe^

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Stillman, Ernest G. A contribution to the epidemiology of

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ture rose above 39°C. Appetite poor. A fourth injection of 4 cc. was given,

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influence the minds of others. He has merely assumed this dis-

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through a stomach tube caused violent spasms. The body was

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Norme Austriache attorno ai pubblica impiegati di Sanita ; Opera

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orifices, Avitli mucous patches, are the early characteristics. Later there are

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The Committee on the Library reported that they had received

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Coagulation was complete 10 minutes later, or 35 minutes after

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in 1832 at Paris. He admits three forms of the epidemic, cholera

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school boards and their architects, aud can be managed

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too) as Hamlin's famous Wizard Oil, and I believe it

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ture following the ushering-in chill has no typical range ; in some cases

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In certain dogs, ether was used for some operation preliminary

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was made as to the previous existence of a swelling in the part,

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branes are less frequently affected, but extravasations have been found in the

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