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showing that the available uric acid was being diminished, and
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phenomena of emaciation, loss of heat, and, after a little time, general miliary
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decrease are found principally in the present social con-
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absorbed, since it has been shown experimentally that a
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afterwards, both with the naked eye and with the microscope. After this time the
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are not satisfactory, repeat the dose of warm water every fifteen
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Further, obstruction of the ureters with consequent hydro-nephrosis, reten-
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gitis, Brief Report of 11 Cases, by I. R. Swigart, Laramie,
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The history of the patient is not always helpful in deciding
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fever. Tr. Texas M. Ass., Galveston, 1893, xxv, 141-145. —
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diseases of the veins, although a second edition of a well-known Jacksoniaii
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mortality to them), we have a startling commentary on the as-
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Suddenly attacked with follicular tonsillitis, upon which
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is also due to the fact that a number of those who have grown
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Hodges. Sei)t. 7th, Dr. T. M. Dickinson. Sej)t. Hth, Dr.
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had already come down to Salonika with every evidence of evil
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impulse of the heart violent, unequal, irregular; the radial pulse is
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me this before I knew that many others, studying under the same
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developed rather marked leg varicosities in her early
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not a desirable quality by which to judge physician
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the rectum and tied, and the tissues divided between these su-
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diseases of the lungs. McKesson & Robbins will send full notes on its use free on request.
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to simplify, in some considerable degree, one of the most disagreeable
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cardiovascular symptoms and signs without assigning a
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wealth in the following proportions : employers, two
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quite a feature in the plan of organization, members being requested to ap-
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of the eruption, and its decline is attended with secondary fever,
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Salts of Silver. (Trans. German Med. Congress, 1882.)
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Mere agitation of the mixture gives a durable Emulsion. By the addition of water, Emulsions at a strength varying from
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vary in extent and importance. By far the greatest percentage
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for in the course of any evolutional adaptation of a
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contested questions. In 1832 Reichenbach discovered true creosote
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ceremony. A tall, pale artilleryman, with a stiff knee,
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unique odor, and numerous, even more, striking evidences of

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