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delay when urgent symptoms exist. My regret is that
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persons dying during pulmonary haemorrhage and in whose lungs
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them. Some writers claim success with calomel santonin and castor
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who suffer from fat intolerance should be put on mixtiu es containing
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the original blister and then completely heals it in forty eight hours. This
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was with iodide of potassium. The general condition
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ever those who have returned for continued treatment present a
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tion is discontinued. The upper cock of the apparatus is then turned
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tion and are spread out uniformly over the head of the
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lime and rouge applied usually by revolving wheels of very
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tuberculosis. He describes several cases of injury to the chest in
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was no history of hemiplegia. Dr. Allan Jamieson showed an
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ported by Bennett and Gould and by Macewen were cited as
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speech and in many cases there are long periods during Avhich the
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ately there was nothing that could be done to remove the
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present in greater or less degree up to the time of the
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the majority of cases which are now excised. The operation is
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with the fact that an unusually lare number of deaths
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canin e and the variola of fowls. Professor M Eachran of the
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second and for three hours on the third day. On the
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showed me a series of Roentgenograms of his chest taken every other
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merely a view to prolong life and to aid the action of
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of various proposed public water supplies for tbe city of
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injure the teeth not on account of the iron however but of the
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science which must spring out of it. He regretted much
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But it was not only the rejection of the antiphlogistic plan
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Float urine in test tube over yellow nitric acid at point
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Plicque. Statistics as to trades which expose those who follow
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most frequently affected are the basilar and those slight
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condition appeared to be one of primary carcinoma of the
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When the disease is violent or of long continuance it constitu
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aide fourteen dorsal vertebne seven cervical five lum
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The total number of deaths from this disease during

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