angry glances are the Alpha and Omega of the pei formance.

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of childhood and adolescence the blood vessels can hardly

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Treatment. Treatment must be conducted on the usual lines it is im

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portion of one case of epispadias to three hundred of

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inpatients. These figures gain in significance when

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high eulogium on Abernethy in hi first lecture did not imagine that his

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and yet had claimed for their practice the greatest

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Dr. Ch. Warden Stiles care Marine Hospital Service Washing

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has followed putrid bronchitis in a certain number of cases.

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clots hemorrhage is controlled and foreign bodies are removed

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he had a cold in his head he dived nearly vertically with engine

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to serve as a simple irrigator tube or can be combmed

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What is the prognosis and treatment of purpura hemorrhagica

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etiologic factor in the attacks has l een probably overrated. When we

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which are occupational and this fact should be borne in mind and

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same with atelectasis as may occur in the capillary bron

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died suddenly in Paris on Feb. at the age of fifty five years.

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Thus in the rabbit after extirpation of the kidneys

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the muscular substance which might be in some cases a

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In the mean time however or at least during all the period

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eruptions are but little disposed to become permanent and are

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of caring for such an army of sick persons. Suffering

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at the hepatic flexure the colon sharply turns upon

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perature rises slowly and in from three to seven days reaches

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disappeared as the result of treatment or to have been absent

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The first point I would call your attention to is the fact

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the silver suture. While Dr. Sims was speaking one of

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Each student receives individual attention in the small group or

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in April a case of twin abortion retained placenta

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