body perhaps before the patient retires is also a proper precaution to

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the description in the deed is bounded on running along

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jumping the nimble animals with amazing delight nor

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were unsatisfactory. In his opinion the nurse s milk

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occupation of Cuba did good work in driving the yellow

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stained specimous by roinid or rod shaped granules deeply stained in a

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three years. The average duration was five days. The

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scopic examination of the pus. Owing to the possibility of con

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they may produce mechanical obstruction. Cases have been recorded where

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be dissociated from some theory of the nature of the

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produced by nervous stimulation was however never found to be so large

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their embracing the whole of the posterior face of that bone. This

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damage being done to the economy the freces undergoing no

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ments to the right or to the left are not infrequently affected particularly

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Intravenous injections of the hydrochloride have also

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skin are seen the superficial veins the radial ulnar and

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The beginning of depression is seen in the dulling of sensation loss of

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this was then rubbed up with water and put in a tube

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the strip just completed. Irma was squeezing my hand.

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uries should be treated by other appropriate specialists

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It is long at one end broad and thick and at the other

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of the cases the patient complained of headache. In

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a marked effect upon the uterine organs and has been used to check

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effusion. The observer must not confound this pathological union of

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referring to the several emergencies in which women

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In certain conditions we have a state half way between that of acute

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Bb. dorsales subtendinem Synnestvedt. These occur in

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early stages and injecting the serum thus procured in regulated large doses

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Refraction of the Eye. A Manual for Students. By Gustavus Hart

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Rapport sur les mesurations des different peuples de la

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and ga.iRrenous spots appeared in the cliecks The sufFcrings of

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operator may judge of the integrity of the recurrent

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a. Discos proligerus zona radiata c nucleus lt nucleolus

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for centuries medical education lagged far behind medical thought and practice. Can

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