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one of the worst medicines we can employ at this pcriou

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la Society de nie decine de Besancon et de la Franche Conite.

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only the present members of Council but all who will become qualified

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the deafness gradually supervened increasing daily. This

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rectum from injury by introducing into the anus a limb of the

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hurried or labored skin wet with perspiration often cold and clammy.

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endeavors and now we are prepared to announce an addition

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ence exerted by climate or race on the production of this malady.

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w.iS much ulcerated and thickened forming a sort of margin

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nous canal against the anterior one if the operation is done

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the proximal muscles of the upper arms and extended down to

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of the Board of Veterinary Examiners for the State of Maine

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the Belly. However if the Flux of the Lochia is regular the

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latter by raising the central blood pressure exerts a dilator influence in

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in certain articulations arthritis urica and sometimes in the

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I took a gum elastic catheter of large calibre without its

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the heartiest and most rugged of children. And to make the

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local disease but the constitutional depression which one has most

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GREETINGS. Hitherto others doubtless more worthy have written con

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increased tenth minute pulse per minute and moderately full and

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fi The coating of the following pill will dissolve In minutes. a

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effusion. The observer must not confound this pathological union of

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It may happen that the region involved is such that it cannot be

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cavities is infected it alone should be drained. His con

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ing in incinerators all human excreta and other camp

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winter the minima at Fort Bayard are about the same as

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the flaps the posterior should always be made first the an

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may be found with prolonged suppurative pyelo nephritis indicating

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