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night superintendent on the ground that she had been in

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Animals affected with suppurating wounds should be kept away

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The more graphic the picture which is drawn the more necessary is

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ing in character. There is neither redness nor tenderness as a rule

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inate the medical dental faculty or any other elements

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yielded not a few results to surgery which medicine has striven

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breathing. Thus the limbs of the patient should be rubbed always

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in frogs and apparently in other animals annihilation of

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once or twice in an afternoon. It would seem there

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the inflammation was not confined to the cornea there was some iritis

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When trying to extract the piece of fruit by inserting the

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posing action of the bacteria. If the bacteriuria is

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In the amenorrhoea which results from a premature menopause due

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history of which has a special interest at this time in

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These are measures that should never be omitted inas

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tives. If however the relatives have possession and

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inhaler thus charged gently to the face covering the nose and

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A case of primary epithelioma of tbe larynx tracheotomy

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The members then adjourned to visit the laboratories and museum

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oxide gas as an anaesthetic and it is one which teaches nothing and

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fore death and those of animals which have not been so

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bichloride and chloroplatinate of sodium have been used in medicine

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friends die in childbirth. Novels do not and ougi t

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Ami finally it has become apparent that there are characters

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Autopsy. April th. Body of a small emaciated man about

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instances in the medical records are very numerous

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branes accumuhite in the affected segment of the pleura and form a kind

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injury while those who coddle themselves and stop up every crevice

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a considerable proportion of cases may be cured by either

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tumors with antiseptics afterwards and little by little the recov

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