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method supplemented by a careful study of agenesies in the cases

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on the surface such as the familiar calamine lotion made up with cherry

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wc can do is to alleviate some of the symptoms. I should not

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respecting the cause and morbid anatomy considered in the

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Hamiatemesis is often the consequence of shocks contusions vomiting

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Fries found the sign in fifty three out of sixty cases and Netter

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The announcement of President McKinley s intention to institute a search

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malpractice as a lucrative practice specialty. Certainly

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The exposed evaporating surface being lessened by the means

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tematic isolation and observation extending over three months

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sults obtained from interference of this kind are due

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glandular inflammations of any severity local applications of anti

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Another Bill introduced by Lord Henry Bruce Major General

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apparently healthy skin with per cent carbolic acid. This is left

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where the uterus was flexible or nonattached by shortening

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patient not unfrequently remains the victim of chronic

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and atmosphere into humus. Thus are certain and compli

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departments.n accurate anatonucal knowledge. The new ce r

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duced in the traumatized portion of the muscle may be carried into

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local treatment and the toxic injection extended to more than twelve

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nevertheless are lost in silence. A clergyman is described as having been

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vides the possibility of pure water. For the profes

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of work effected by sympathetic fibres by means of which

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vagina to the bone oi urinary passages drainage is imperative and is

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kidney increased by exercise is probably due to calculus. A

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posed her for an hour then another convulsion came on

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the Uottini operation. The experience of his colleagues

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into uric acid though at first attractive was founded upon analyses

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test is doubtful. It should be stated that these side chains split

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were even summoned to the courts of foreign princes.

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that the alimentary canal could absorb this large volume of liquid

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Although generalization may ensue in so short a period as four months

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ing at approximate truth but we cannot e.xpect to get exact results with

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before backwards but immovable laterally. The vaginal exam

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diminution is constant. On the other hand considerable evidence is

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symptoms of Brown Sequard s paralysis seems to me to be

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