conditions but nothing else. Even the statements of such expe

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cians whose credibility cannot be made sport of by railway surgeons who

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extensive outwandering of white blood cells local hyperleucocy

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Campbell Craik and Howard the latter making careful examina

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studied in view of the tremendously high d readings so uniformly

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was carefully collected. In some cases urine was voided but

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creased excretion of chlorides in nephritis after a

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tion as before which however did not last long the spasms

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shown that the salivary amylase of the dog was only s strong

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that a fold of mesentery tightly compressed the cecum.

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Laryngeal stenosis is excluded by visual examination. Cough and e.xpecto

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Parsons Auricular Flutter and Its Treatment Col. John

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agents opium antimony and alcohol is that which will best

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reddish brown yellow or green. Fungi if in sufficient

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name implies aims toward the absolute freedom from septic mate

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Brown C. H. A case of congenital aniridia with cata

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imagine. Objects which we can see or imagine belong to the

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is no difference in the mode of administration. I need not say that

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suicides the number assigned to the province of Quebec

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besides the happv therapeutical results that follow its

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portions of one or both organs. Pneumonia is the most com

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tralasian Congress were held in either one or other of

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seldom mistaken if proper care is used. But we fre

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life. Our preoperative operative and postoperative care and

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also be conveyed by the handkerchief or more frequently

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given off in the of weaving cloth or yarn colored

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years a reproach to treatment and a disappointment to prognosis.

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whom efficiency as riflemen cannot possibly be expected.

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ICO seeds of each kind were germinated between blotters

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to the Executive Board and they recommend that the President

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promise. We have really not been able to discover any new

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occurred about six years previously and was characterized by

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As to diagnosis The association of aphasia with hemiplegia

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