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dochus. The latter is short and enters the second bend of the

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by crook the surly pedagogue should gain entrance and

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flammation and this inflammation spread in the usual

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the muscles if not of very Ions standing were cured after three or

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physioli cal one. For such reasons alcoholism is very prevalent

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Bossbach observed that normally after removal of the

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vomited after taking food. He also had a cough and blood

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Symptoms. Pain running into the fingers from pressure upon

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After further remarks by the President the Society adjourned.

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and on the artificial fertilisation of ova. Of the detailed researches

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As to the sequence of spasm on the first side there can be

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be begun in the very beginning of the disease in alcoholics and given

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eight hours the temperature fell the pain ceased and the patient

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of monkeys that by raising the animal to the sitting posture the

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swept and it is possible that inherited immunity is responsible

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Microscopically the stained organism appears as a slightly curved rod

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auditory nerve and its terminal expansion are pre emi

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The first requisite to a specific and intelligent discussion of

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ever discovered to remove disease I know to be a fact from

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chemical apparatus library and museum and converted it into a

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mer months also the s mptomatic complex of Bouchard

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standard buffer solutions adjusting to the desired H ion concentra

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recently from the sting of a bee which attacked him

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forward cases is requested to cominunicate forthwith with the Hon

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means uncommon. It involves most frequently the arms and hands oc

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local situation so that someone absolutely qualified to give this imme

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showed distinct improvement and the stools a tendency to diminish in num

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Brown C. H. A case of congenital aniridia with cata

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The characteristics of the urine in acute nephritis are all important.

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