they produce such great amount of suffering, dominate the lives

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ness of access. The chief disturbance is the hyper-

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go beyond the sea, effective about October 3, igio.

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Picrotoxin, i/ioo to 1/50 of a grain, and agaracin.

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(beams and) rays of the sun, and the various effects

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generic brand for buspar

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CEdema of the legs. Widal reaction, negative. A w-eek

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with repeated examinations for amoebae ; three with

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von Frisch, Wien, H. Kiimmel, Hamburg, und H. Young,

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Typhoid Fever in New York State. — A report on the

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correct and accurate diagnosis ; the possibility of

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Official list of changes in the stations and duties of com-

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president, Dr. George D. Henderson ; secretary and treas-

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teristics of dysentery, except that bloody passages

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ing chapter, a most concise and instructive one, on

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the surrounding tissue. The puncture is then sealed

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bert believes the sum of $6,000,000 would be necessary to

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protect against it. Second : The destruction of the

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the money that is needed. The society is also planning

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that he has seen few cases, and, in fact, in phthis-

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ment of Health of the City of Chicago : Typhoid fever,

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be transmitted to the grief stricken family and spread on the minutes

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cent, solution of glacial acetic acid added until the

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2. Pathology of Mastoiditis as Revealed by the X Ray,

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is small, loss may be saved by cutting with scissors

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the stickers are not good for postage and must be used

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has not- attracted the attention, in literature at least,

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rhage, especially if imilateral, is always a suspicious

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Surgeon William C. Braisted of the Navy, and Colonel

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IS deaths. According to press despatches, dated October

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an urticarial or erythematous eruption which lasted

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will relieve congestion and by the formation of some

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