the Gazette he has put his very life's blood into it.
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The President — Our Act says, "The medical profession of Ontario heretofore incor-
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3 Cases (XII, XIII, XV), particularly in the frontal regions but
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It will not be necessary for applicants to appear at any place for examina-
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Dr. Britton — I beg leave to move that Dr. Aikins be appointed Treasurer for the
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do in moulding our legislation. There is another thing, we have all felt, as members of that
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Whatsoever things are good, whatsoever things are tried, whatso-
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of the profession towards Homoeopathy. Although many of the older of the
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in eradicating the tendencies toward remissions or recurrences.
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species of bacteria and this patient is given a bacterial vaccine
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even more appreciated than otherwise would be. It gives the common
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his eyes. Then people praised his laughter most — "it was in his verv
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unto themselves in this respect, and can allow an interval of a
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normal with the visual apparatus. The mother is an ignorant
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T. Franklin Smith, M. D., New York; Registrar, W. O. Forbes,
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whose positions that have been attacked by this resolution are confident that they are here
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teachers of 25 per cent, of their time. The work of both pupils
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work of the Committee of the Whole is a very important work in some cases ; in other cases
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Erysipelas. Modern therapeutics has brought forth a very
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acting the evils which result from the high tension at which our young
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have been the case, but that small band tried to uphold the dignity
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made thereto ; but it shall be either adopted or rejected, or referred back to committee
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and their walls removed, while the incision should be closed.
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clinic is. in charge of Professor von Noorden, and has a capacity of 100 beds.
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girls are living through the winter season. A number of the medical
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the realm to special objects which have been brought to his at-
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house. I recall very vividly the first case of pneumonia I ever
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Dr. Thorburn read the report of the Board of Examiners.
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likely to become a serious question, I would direct your attention to the subject of the fifth
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the cases will vary from that of the very mild infections to the se-
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The conclusions thus reached after a most careful research,
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And this: "If you are threatened with blindness, paresis (com-
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"Infantile Paralysis" comprised the report of a few cases of the dis-
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est in our land and geographically well distributed. Figures from
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Dr. Sangster — No. I said I have no objection to the President ruling in Dr. Griftin's
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tion of old people. The stool is hard and dry, as the Nux and
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w of 191 1, while the fifty younger subjects are from autopsies of the
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as I could get it. Within two years I have treated and have seen a good
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first meetng of a new Council the tie should be decided by the member present representing
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out and do a little practice, than to compel him to stay at home and do nothing. I have a
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the skull. Thus a blood clot may form between the dura and
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7. That the President, or presiding officer, shall consider a motion to adjourn as always
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against. He had only to visit the wards of his hospital to see that
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many dispositions and peculiar temperaments of people, and I think, to take it all in all,

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