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mind, he may preserve his composure throughout, and be to the last

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left arm : her menses had been suppressed for three months in conse-

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winds, and those occupying an intermediate position between the latter and

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be^ljeve that true diphtheria bacilli have a power of

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diseases that have prevailed, somewhat extensively, throughout

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diagnostic and x-ray therapy sections in the ambulatory facility. At this time,

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tion of the same nerve causes spasm of the vocal cords. The symptoms

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manifests a harder and more limited infiltration, there is leucokeratosis

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whether the integrity of the cord has been preserved.

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products of albumen circulating in the blood produce

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degree, the best method of applying it being in the form

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ous and subcutaneous operations for approxamination of

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Cases ; " by Dr. A. K. Bond, on " The Lung Diseases of

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patients, consideration of the following should receive attention:

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allow of Niemeyer's school regarding them as distinct from the

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lamented that the praftice of medicine, in many parts of the king-

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tion within the linea mammalis. The next effect is to lower its situation

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not have an easy task, because of its relationship to

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commenced complaining of difficulty in breathing and painful degluti-

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Hematoporphyrin also gives a red precipitate with Heller's test. The acetic

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the digestive powers, so that food may keep up that heat on which life

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fever in Philadelphia. Polyclin.. Phila,, 1885-6, iii, 125 -129.

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This hypothesis was substantiated by other phenomena.

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It consists of a substantial frame about 22 inches wide, and of suitable

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professor of genito-urinary diseases in ' the University of

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noncumulative. These properties allow it to be used by mouth, by rec-

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activity. In the single case of acute pulmonary tuberculosis the activity

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the coraco brachialis and probably displace the frag-

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the will, but also of the trophic influence of the cells of the nerve nuclei,

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observed, after riding in these cars for twenty minutes.

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wound in the heart. The act had been perpetrated by some cue in a crowd

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parenchymatous struma that she came to the hospital for its

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(r/f K <^Lj tr??'?jp££ : Czz£g' &7ze /fes-ft?? Zt^zzyz^zz/

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that science is necessarily " unpractical," and that the " business

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There are few diseases of the nervous system that flow directly

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Mr. Maunder uses some words which are either wholly new to us,

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45. Charters, S., Brit. Med. Jr., L903, vol. 1. p. 1"

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tice or cloths wrung out of hot water, or heat of any kind to the

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