Meeting on motion adjourned to resume at o clock next

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situated about an inch and a half backward from the

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ing small crevices and cul de sacs and under surfaces of

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study of a series of cases of diphtheria which would seem to indicate

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medical profession was burdened with the necessity of

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Its historical renown is due to the early determination

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again discharged cured and very soon deserted a second time

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recovery. The rapidly expanding responsibility of govern

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advocated such as touching the eruptive points with pure phenol painting

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treatment are much better than those in which the old remedies

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the highest control and is liable to disaster at any

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Dr. Garin Milroy is founded on eleven months residence and obser

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the part most regularly restored viewed on its anterior aspect

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maining free from the incrustation. Tlie quantity of the

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majority of them false to their moral and physical obligation are

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Oxaluria is a symptom which has forced itself upon the attention

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berculosis and one must not consider days and weeks.

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then the patient is painfully often fearfully conscious

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ical study embraced all the organs of the body. Cover slips

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may be attributable to the fact that at the time the inocu

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becomes almost at once decolorized. If it is not imme

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in the isthmus and ampulla at birth these have disappeared in the

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exist for another year. Nwnerous supplies of practically

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is perhaps more frequently employed than any other me

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developing afterward and that a second child showed the growths subse

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abnormal ossification snch as ulnar deviation of the middle fingers

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in large proportions. The sediment of the urine was

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period mentioned she has lived chiefly on milk other food aggravating the

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curred in this diagnosis and on the th with the good

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chemical change in the medium in which they were growing. Further

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patient though well may spread infection about hini.

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of the two stifles though the displaced patella formed a somewhat

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tion process occurs in the liver as has been shown by experiments in

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cultures. Culture difficult forms a deposit like fine sand in fluid media

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arteries namely the brain the retina and the kidneys.

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ciliary muscle relaxing the suspensory ligament and thus al

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felt. Besides inguinal and umbilical hernia other forms

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A typical test would be observed in a lot of guinea pigs

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