par Th. Ribot : 1870] has divided English psychology into two "schools"
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authenticate them with their names — of course, not necessarily for publication.
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Some veiy serious facts were elicited this week at an inquest on William
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placed in relation to the heavy rainfall of that year, the most copious in
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Commutee would be faultless, because it would be one of the most pro-
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thirty years' experience, and after considerable observation, that the
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eastern counties, south-western counties, and northern counties) have a
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" A somewhat analogous case occurred in my own practice some years
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to recover ^54 : 19 : 6, the amount of medical charges for attendance
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DREN, Manchester — Medical Officer for Out-Patients : applications, 30th.
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Dr. T. E. Thorpe, of Owen's College, Manchester, has been
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the size of a fourpenny-piece had been planted on it. As soon as the
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Dr. Duncan's name called forth well-marked and very persistent ap-
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Parson as Physician-Accoucheur and Lecturer on Midwifery. Dr.
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this idea into an immaterial constantly operative force is a form of the
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of a very severe attack of paralysis last winter, from exposure to cold.
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two courses ; Ophthalmic Surgery, one course. Nine months in Sir
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strongly to the inference, that a polluted milk-supply carried the virus
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shown, it would be found that other forceps had every recommendation
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approved way of administering medical relief. He asked Dr. Rogers
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A laxative, refresliing, and medicated Fruit Lozenge, very agreeable to take, and never causing irritation.

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