The synchronous movement of a turn is often the first

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pleurisy might be instructive. Wilson, in "Pepper's

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opinion. One process is not necessarily subordinate to the other. They

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largest number of cases of typhoid fever occurred in July, August, September and

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greatest suffering, which is manifest by restlessness and groaning

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from a healthy condition. The urine was of 1.020 spe-

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Jaffii "'•* tapped a subphrenic abscess at the angle of

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of the patient, for a few days after the drug has been en-

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up the serous discharge more quickly. Bags of absorbent

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tionately high as compared with similar work in any

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all I'inds tljat the Poin--law Mwlical Officers ought to be the

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septic — Acetozone (1:3000 to 1:1000); (e) the observance of hygienic

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the veterinary surgeon. When the cause has been as effec-

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used for this purpose. A bath of 70 per cent alcohol is then used

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blood serum of rats a globulin, possessing germicidal

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tools of sin. The priests are busy apportioning penances, some at the price

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surface lying directly against the thoracic and abdominal wall, and to

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times met with, and may be dealt with according to circum-

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globular show-bottles visible for half a mile, perhaps, in their

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largest number of cases of typhoid fever occurred in July, August, September and

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cc. of a 6 hour serum broth culture of the virulent Tj'pe D, Strain R 15. Imme-

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ical profession in every part of the United States." In

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injected into the connective tissue. A second point to which

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less an authority than M. de Quatrefages that they were not

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made by Tamburini, Sepilli, Rieger, Kaan, Dan, Schwenter,

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the holders of those diplomas or degrees have the right to

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of Cleveland when the tax levy ordinance of 1896 was made

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recovery from childbed ' (puerperal mania). (Op. cit. p 95 )

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custom and all its minutiae are generally attended to

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don, described a case in which the lower epiphysis of a rabbit's femur passed

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