>gHBa and C. K. Clarke, Editors. Quarterly. 8to. Volume LXX1V In progress.
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Instructor in Gynecology, 1901-1902 ; Resident House Officer, Assistant Resi-
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Yes, Dr. Tabor has shown himself to be the right man in the
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paper came to herald their marvelous cures. Some of you, as with
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has an endowment independent of that of the University
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DuMont F. Elmendorf, M. D., Assistant in Orthopedic Surgery.
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Obstetrics, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, 10 students. Dr.
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I have used "Aletris Cordial Eio" for menorrhagia and dysmen-
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sleep beyond its characteristic unconsciousness with or without
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tainly come to enter a vigorous protest against the
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dicovery has been carefully digested, this being supplemented by
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