house. Laycock V2i published a case in which the symptoms rapidly

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this statement will be modified, as it is not Unlikely that some strains

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and tissues has caused a wide variation in nomenclature for cells,

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urine may be referred to inactivity of the heart. Eiegel in his ex-

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It is not unreasonable to suppose then that in rare instances the

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of dietary origin because their investigations have failed to implicate

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Including women and children, it is probable that for each 1000 of

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(twelve with the 1 to 1,000 and seven of eight cases with the 1 to 500 solution).

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cerning the nature of this disease shall have been completely over-

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in animals of the same kind the several systems of the body are ap-

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diluting the blood to a minimum, considerable experimentation and

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of it in November, 1912. Her husband, generally of good health, developed

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evolution. The pain is severe but disappears comparatively soon.

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rare. It is seldom that the disease can be recognized during life,

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of the sulcus, was the most effective in causing permanent auriculo-

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although no arrhythmia was suspected until the prints of this record became

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cost of this preparation, more than offset this possible advantage.

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since no one was thinking of that disease. Now that attention is

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imperfectly filled with blood (Fig. 4). In another form the summit

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eater, and eats more of this than anything else. Says she could almost live

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appeared. Her father had committed suicide and her mother's brother

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mechanism of the heart's action. The rhythm of the heart is

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into in the present article. The data bearing on this subject has been

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suggestion of this treatment in France was published by Brown-

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sino-auricular rhythm to the induced atrioventricular rhythm, during

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Plate I.-Sphygmograms Illustrating Arterial Atheroma.

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Serum Disease. Francis M. Rackemann, M.D., Warfield T. Long-

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These points are made more plain by reference to the adjoining

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contracted. Of the 1,027 white pellagrins, 123, or 12 per cent., died

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