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the State Legislature by a vote of 20 to 4. As the bill was framed entirely by allo-

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butions to the national fair held in Washington, December last.

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been appointed an assistant to Dr. Austin Flint, Professor

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The North-American Review for December discusses, by

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With regard to the clinical course of the disease, we should make a dis-

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sufficiently account for these wounds that need no further

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the shell on other occasions, the contusion brought about

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bones becomes very obvious, or it is noticed that the child does not learn to

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amply attested by the pleasant and suggestive little book which

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milla, third decimal dilution, was to be tried, and hot poultices

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author desires to emphasize. It cannot fail to be of interest

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discoveries in pathology have done very little for the treatment of

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to regard it as characteristic of this disease, as well as of chlorosis, that the

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stipation ; stool small in calibre, and somewhat flattened. She

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amine the urethral membrane with Skene's speculum, and notice

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young doctor's more active career began in rSSj, when she

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consolidation with the Michigan College of Medicine he

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ciety, and the American X Ray Society. Clubs: Lotos, New York

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wire, close up to the wound, and cutting off the wire smoothly

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remaining numbers of the first volume, for distribution among

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. ; ■,■.- . : I'; .:\ - ■! ( -ii.u !o W. Sh-rl, M.H., ~ i

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— those, e.g., tending to enfeebled respiration by paralytic affec-

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by its leading characteristic features : dryness, with more or

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January 11, 1860, in Westchester county, New York, the son of

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prevent fissures, the latter being often due to a shrinking move-

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ent, and they quietly attending to the legitimate business of the

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respoDsibilitiei. But, with a courage which few possess,

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grave operations is the best ever attained, which Dr.

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a permanent or spasmodic trouble ? An examination must de-

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ical Association; American Laryngological Association; American

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1843, published by Shumann), giving for brevity's sake only the

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